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Help me in just providing idea about what to be done?

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Hammer & Screwdriver Help me in just providing idea about what to be done?


I am thinking to increase my knowledge towards shell scripting and tcl scripting.
The thing is, please suggest me a script which i can code is useful in learning as well as to project it to my team mates and it is helpful to all my office team mates.

I'll give you an idea of what we regularly use in my office.

1. fix bugs in tcl and shell
2. daily we runinit eval boards (initialization which runs for min 25mins)
3. we use vim, nedit, gvim, cscope, clear case.

Please suggest me something which will be useful to all.

Any general script is also fine.

Thanks in advance
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1) Find out disc free space and compare with yesterday. Report significant differences by email.
2) Report backup results by email.
3) Filter system error logs and report real problems by email.
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Thanks @methyl. but these are already available tasks undergoing here... pls suggest some thing more... which is helpful to all...
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Report Hardware Inventory and compare with previous day, highlighting differences.
Often forgotten. This is the way to spot failed hardware one a resilient system.
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thats a good idea.... but the thing is my team here does not relate with this... you have any ideas where i can work with vim or nedit or any other script...

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