Merge two files with non-overlapping identities

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Merge two files with non-overlapping identities

Hi All,
I wish to merge two files:
file1: with header
rsSNP-ID Chromosome Chr-Pos
rs171 1 175261679
rs242 1 20869461
rs538 1 6160958

file2: without header
disease:AAT deficiency:M0525101 rs1243168        20109307       1
disease:AAT deficiency:M0525101 rs4900229        20109307       1
disease:Abdominal Pain:PA446220 rs11209026       17068223       1
disease:Abdominal Pain:PA446220 rs11706052       20061166       1

I want to merge these two files with rsID (column 1 in file 1, column 2 in file 2) to create a file like this:
rs171 1 175261679  20109307       1 disease:AAT deficiency:M0525101
rs242 1 20869461  17068223       1 disease:Abdominal Pain:PA446220
rs538 1 6160958   17068223       1 disease:Abdominal Pain:PA446220

However, there are quite a lot of rsIDs, only in file 1, for those, I wish to create a line like this:
rsXXX 1 6160958   ""       0  ""

how can I do that?

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Not sure how you matched the lines. What keys them together?
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If field to match in file2 is field 3 (rsID), try:
awk 'NR==FNR {a[$3]=$4" "$5" "$1" "$2; next} {if (a[$1]) {print $0, a[$1]} else {print $0, "\"\"", 0, "\"\""}}' file2 file1

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What match? Fields by white space or : or both?

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