Exporting time from log files

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Exporting time from log files

Hi All,

I want to export the start time and end time of some jobs in autosys to excel.Could someone please help me with this. I am a begginer in autosys.

thanks all,.

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someone please help me with this . i m new to this.
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Please post a sample log file.
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Exporting time from log files

Hi Jim,

Happy to see the reply.the log file for the autosys will be same in any environment right? right now i m not able to get u a sample log file . will try to update it soon.
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autorep -w -J JOBNAME | awk 'NF==8{print $1","$2" "$3","$4" "$5}' > output.csv

The above command only retrives the line, which has 8 columns.

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