Baffled by problems with ssh and samba

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Originally Posted by Royalist
Yes, I have learnt that the hard way. There is so much conflicting advice. I have now begun to understand better the 'man' pages which is a great help and now have a working
sshd_config and ssh_config

I have found that setting LogLevel to debugg2 a great help.
Congrats. In fact this is the way most experts here will answer your querstions. They don't know what you are asking either, but they are capable of acquiring the necessary information quickly from the sources. Ask any of the experts here and they will unanimously tell you that they consult man pages many times a day and when they try to nail down problem causes they do so by examining available logs carefully. As you are willing (and capable of) working like an expert you will be one in no time, i guarantee you that. Congrats again.

I am now working on finding ways of transferring the pubkey. I think it will be necessary to temporarily allow password authentication to achieve that.
You can do that but it isn't really necessary. The pubkey is a simple text file and you can use any means of transferring it you like: ftp it as i told you in my first post (see above), Open it in another window and copy-and-paste it from there - whatever. My usual way is: open a window with an editor, load the pubkey file, ssh to the remote machine in another window, open the "authorized_keys" file there and copy/paste from one window into the other.

CAUTION: if you use an X11-based window manager chances are it copies the line ends caused by the terminal size as real line breaks and thus breaks the key with the pasting. Remove simply the line breaks (create one long line again) to make the key working again.

I hope this helps.

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Getting there

Thanks for your encouraging comments. In the end I did what you just suggested and transferred by any old means. However, I still do not have a connection, buSmiliet I will soon.Smilie
I think that Nautilus is not an X11-based window manager if you are referring to GUI type window? Terminal is better as there would be no permission difficulties.
Many thanks for your assistance.SmilieSmilie

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