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Select Command - return

Hello everyone,
A simple question which may have a suggested solution:
I am using, and loving, the select command in a ksh93 script on AIX 6.1 to present users with menus.
I have been successful in controlling all of key input by the users, I still have an issue with the RETURN key. When the menu is presented if the user presses the return key by itself the menu gets redrawn. If the user keeps pressing return the screen keeps getting full of the same menu over and over and it scrolls.
Is there a way to capture the fact that return was pressed by itself and take care of action needed in the do....done attached to the select?
Or alternatively allow the return to redraw the menu but on top the original one, and not append it to the screen after the PS3 prompt?
Hope you all have some suggestions.
Thanks, and a Happy New Year everyone !
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This is a simple menu script I put together that might help you accomplish what your trying to do, It doesn't require the user to press return and it stays at top of screen:

# Script:
# Descr:  Example of auto record advance(i.e. carriage return) with simple menu

function _choices
{ clear
  cat <<BOX

     HANDY INFO - Choose Desired Number
  1  Current Directory
  2  Your Login ID
  3  UNIX Processes for your ID
  4  Entry in /etc/passwd for your ID
  5  Users with ID of 0 (zero)
  6  Users with ID >= 500
  7  ID Search PATH for $LOGNAME
  8  Currently Mounted devices
  9  HD Usage and mount-points

  0  Exit

} # EOF  _choices()

function _action
  stty raw
  ans=`dd bs=1 count=1 2>/dev/null`
  eval $1='$ans'
  stty cooked
} # EOF  _action()

function _complog
{ # Required argument: $1 = output of logname command
  if [[ "${1}" != "${LOGNAME}" ]]
    echo "\bYour Login ID is: \"${1}\" (real) and \"${LOGNAME}\" (su)."
    echo "\bYour Login ID is: \"${1}\"."
} # EOF  _complog

function _waiter
{ echo "\nPress <Enter> to continue.... \c"
  read waiting4u
} # EOF  _waiter()

function _yourc
  case "${ans}" in  # process response
    1) echo "\bThe current directory is: \c"; pwd; _waiter ;;
    2) _complog "${user}"; _waiter ;;
    3) echo "\b\b"; ps -ef | grep "${user}" | more ; _waiter ;;
    4) echo "\b\b"; grep "${user}" /etc/passwd; _waiter ;;
    5) echo "\b\b"; awk -F":" '$3 == 0 {print $0}' /etc/passwd; _waiter;;
    6) echo "\b\b"; awk -F":" '$3 >= 500 {print $0}' /etc/passwd | more ; _waiter;;
    7) echo "\b\b"; echo $PATH | awk 'BEGIN {RS=":"} {print $0}'; _waiter;;
    8) echo "\b\b"; mount | awk '$1 != "none" {print $0}'; _waiter;;
    9) echo "\b\b"; df; _waiter ;;
    0) clear; exit 0 ;;  # breaks the loop
    *) echo " Invalid option...." ; _waiter ;;
} # EOF  _yourc()

while :
  _choices          # display the menu
  _action _yourc    # gather user response

# 3  
Just issue a clear command right before displaying the menu. You may have to use tput clear.
# 4  
I response to last comment: pressing return when select is in place does not give me back control, therefore I cannot issue a CLEAR.
Experiment yourself and you will see what I mean. How can I trap the return being pressed by itself?
# 5  
Interesting problem. One ugly hack:
Q="$(clear)1) Quit"  
select c in "$Q" ...
  case $c in
  "$Q") break ;;


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