Merge files with file names added

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Merge files with file names added

I want to merge several files with identical format:
file 1:
rs3094315       0.0006105222804 0.9528743638
rs3131972       -0.05461465109  0.3139864854
rs3115860       -0.06041530955  0.3195499498

file 2:
rs2073813       -0.06039552152  0.2956527097
rs11564776      -0.1864266568   0.1976612108
rs12562034      0.00225669783   0.8555456823
rs12124819      -0.05026905981  0.2383563616

For each file, they have a unique name as I want to merge all the files AND, add part of the file name "XXX" to the first column.
So the expected output is:
XX1 rs3094315       0.0006105222804 0.9528743638
XX1 rs3131972       -0.05461465109  0.3139864854
XX1 rs3115860       -0.06041530955  0.3195499498
XX2 rs2073813       -0.06039552152  0.2956527097
XX2 rs11564776      -0.1864266568   0.1976612108
XX2 rs12562034      0.00225669783   0.8555456823
XX2 rs12124819      -0.05026905981  0.2383563616

How can I do this?

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printf "%s\n" * | awk -F"." '{ file=$0; pre=sprintf("%s",$1); while(( getline line < file ) > 0 ) { print pre,line; } }'

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grep . * |sed 's/\.phe\.ps:/ /'

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You can try :
awk '{ print FILENAME,$0 ;}' file1 file2 > tmp.tmp

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mukulverma2408, your code is good for requester with some minor changes:
awk '{ split(FILENAME,A,"."); print A[1],$0; } ' *

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