Find command fails when a space is in the directory path variable

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Question Find command fails when a space is in the directory path variable

I have a script like this running under OS X 10.8. The problem arises when the find command encounters a space in the path name. I need the "dir" variable as I'll be extending the script to more general use.

set dir = "/Users/apta/Library/Mail\ Downloads/2012-12-20/Testimonials.mbox/"
ls -l ${dir}
find ${dir} -name '*.emlx' | xargs grep -ih "^From: " | awk -f emlx_addresses.awk | sort -u -t "," -k 2

The ls command works fine in the script but the find command encounters this error:
find: illegal option -- n
usage: find [-H | -L | -P] [-EXdsx] [-f path] path ... [expression]
       find [-H | -L | -P] [-EXdsx] -f path [path ...] [expression]

If I enclose the path variable with quotes
find "${dir}" -name '*.emlx' |  ...

then this error comes up:
find: ftsopen: No such file or directory

I'm baffled; I added the IFS as suggested in another posting but it didn't help.
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spaces in file names are a pain.
This will force find to "think" ${dir} is a single object i.e., it won't parse out two different directory names:

find "${dir}" -name '*.emlx' ......

Undo IFS. The rest of your script does not work - IFS is the source of your error.
And try not to set IFS globally like you did. It messes up everything else.

To get around problems you must unroll your one liner:

find "${dir}" -name '*.emlx' |
while read fname
    grep -ih '^From: '  "$fname" 
done  | awk -f emlx_addresses.awk | sort -u -t "," -k 2

I left the red part alone because I cannot tell if there are problems in there. Notice the change in single and double quotes.
Any filename with spaces has to be quoted. And you have to perpetuate quoted filenames on down through code until the filenames go away. This is only one way to do this. You can use
xargs command "{}"

if you like. But you need quotes.

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This is how you assign value to variable in bash and most other shells:

set var = val

This User Gave Thanks to binlib For This Post:
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Thanks for your help, Jim. I need all the file names to be piped to awk in a single stream so unrolling the loop would not work for my purposes.

You're very right: spaces in filenames are a royal pain. Smilie

But after lots of trial and error I found that this does work: Smilie
dir="/Users/apta/Library/Mail Downloads/2012-12-20/"${mailbox}".mbox/"

find "${dir}" -name '*.emlx' -print0| xargs -0 awk -f emlx_addresses.awk | sort -u -t "," -k 2 > ${mailbox}.txt

I removed the "\ " in the value for variable dir and added double quotes around the directory in find as you pointed out. I also had to add -print0 to find and -0 to xargs because there were too many (>300) file names.

One of my original errors was misusing the bash syntax for setting variables. I had originally developed the script in tcsh and converted to bash hoping to get better results but failed to change the "set dir =..." statement (thank you binlib).

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