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Awk/sed to play on calender

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Awk/sed to play on calender

Hello Awk'inas/Sed'ers;

This is keep ringing on my mind for a while, onto play in calender with awk or sed Smilie. Given a date, month and Year would like to find out the day corresponding to it. Am still a noob on awk and sed, hence would like to learn it from your responses.

Here it is;
cal 10 1987
       October 1987
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
                 1   2   3
4   5   6   7   8   9  10
11  12  13  14  15  16  17
18  19  20  21  22  23  24
25  26  27  28  29  30  31

When it is 1, I would like to see the output as Thu. Similarly for other dates would like to see the matching days of it.

PS: One liner will be great and fun. Thanks Smilie
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Try sth like this...


cal 10 1987 | awk -v var="$value" 'NR==2{n=split($0,P)}
NR>2{for(i=1;i<=7;i++){if(var == $i){print P[7-NF+i]}}}'

This User Gave Thanks to pamu For This Post:
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Not sure if this is worth the while...:
$ for DAY in {1..31}
      cal 10 1987|awk -v day=$DAY \
           NR==2 {split ($0, WD); next}
           match ($0, "(^| )"day" ") {print day,WD[ int((4+RSTART-RSTART%2)/3)]}
1 Th
2 Fr

You can squeeze all of this into one single line, of course, as e.g. NR==1 can be omitted and the variables can be one letter only, but readability may suffer... see yourself:
cal 10 1987|awk -v D=$1 'NR==2 {split($0,WD)} R=match($0,"(^| )"D" ") {print WD[int((4+R-R%2)/3)]}'

Last edited by RudiC; 12-24-2012 at 10:41 AM..
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You might find the thread Find Day of Week useful.
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Originally Posted by pamu
Try sth like this...


cal 10 1987 | awk -v var="$value" 'NR==2{n=split($0,P)}
NR>2{for(i=1;i<=7;i++){if(var == $i){print P[7-NF+i]}}}'

Pamu, great work... Can you please explain me about the P in split command and the piece P[7-NF+i]
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NR==2{n=split($0,P)} means when input record is 2nd (Days of Week) divide all of them and store in an array variable named P
    October 1987
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
             1  2  3
 4  5  6  7  8  9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31

P[7-NF+i]Is the formula pamu used to get the right array index & value to print of the day of week for date entered.
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Sorry bipinajith, one more query. I understood they are splitting the columns and storing each value into the array P. Whats the need of n here n=split($0,P).

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@RudiC: Thanks for your code, can you please explain me on "(^| )"D" "
How this works.

@Don: I am looking after your thread

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