Script to run in vio server

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Script to run in vio server

I want to grab all the luns in vscsi disks from vio that are assigned to client lpars. They are not powerpath disks. Now when I do lspv as root in vio server I see 956 disks..the problem right now is that each disks lun are in hex so when I do lscfg vpl from vio..the FRU number is on hex.

Can somebody please help me with the script so that I can run it from vio server and get output so that it will say "hdiskxx has lunid 102 instead of the hex value?

Thank you
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You could convert the hex:
$ echo "ibase=16; FFF"|bc

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Thank you for your reply. Is there a way to specify the range in vio unrestricted shell like for i in {1..956} do lscfg -vpk hdisk$i |grep FRU , read that respective FRU and put that code that you supplied so the output will be something like this..
hdiskxxx has FRU FFF which is Lunid (binary number).. with all the disks listed?

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Yes, nested loops can cover all the ground. You can take each digit and multiply it up to the corresponding value.

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