Setting up cron

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Setting up cron


The client wants to set up cronjob for trigger alerts to be sent between the hours of 6 AM PST and 12 AM PST . Could you please help me the command to setup cron.

scriptname :- triggeralert.ksh

Thanks in advance
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Also make sure your machine is following timezone: PST
date +"%Z"

Otherwise you might have to do some time adjustment while scheduling in cron
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Yes, the system is in PST timezone. Could you please help me how to set the cronjob.

Thx in advance
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Did you refer the thread given by joeyg?
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I have seen but i didn't understand. Could you please help me to set the cronjob to use the alerts to be sent between the hours of 6 AM PST and 12 AM PST.

Thanks in advance
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What did you not understand? We would rather help you understand than have you blindly copy-pasting our answers.

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