veritas Filesystem for HP UX 11

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Old 08-19-2005
veritas Filesystem for HP UX 11


We have a HP unix server running witch the veritas file system.
Does anybody know the difference between the veritas filesystem and lvm?
Why should you choose for veritas filesystem or lvm
The server is running with a progress sql database HP UX 11.

We have a little problem getting support from HP (netherlands) for the veritas filesystem.
There seem to be very little software/hardware engineers (HP) with knowledge of the veritas filesystem.
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Old 08-22-2005
Are you sure that you are talking about Veritas filesystem and not Veritas volume manager?

The filesystem and the volume manager act at different levels. The filesystem is the layer above the volume manager. Both HP and Veritas have volume managers. For information about HP Logical Volume Manager, run 'man lvm' on a HP system.
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