Vi - insert a tab between words?

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Vi - insert a tab between words?

I have several lines in a file that I want to replace a space with a tab.

For example:

111047 [tab] Julie Jones

111047 [tab] Julie Jones [tab]

I want to replace the space after the word "jones" with a tab.

How do I achieve that in Vi?

Please assist.

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Run below in VI command mode:-
:%s/Jones /Jones[tab]/g

Note: press key: Tab (highlighted) after string: Jones for replacement.
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So if i have multiple lines with different names, how do I achieve that?

Thanks much!
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You can use awk instead to put a tab before last column email id:-
awk ' { email=$NF; gsub(email,"\t"email,$NF); print $0 } ' input_file

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Do you know how I could also achieve this in Vi?

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:1,$s/ \([^ ]*@\)/\t\1/


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