How to add newline before and after a special character?

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How to add newline before and after a special character?

So I have a file that contains


where # is any digit 0-9 (the text is many repetitions of the pattern above, not just that, but all in one line), and I want it to show


Basically I need to add a new line before every > and between a number and a letter.


If it's easier, I have something like this


and I want to condense all the letter only lines to one line, like the output shown above.

If someone could help me how to do this with a simple command, it would really help.

Thank you!
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It would be better if you posted your sample input without masking digits with "#"'s... Anyway try this:
perl -pe 's/(\d)(\D)/$1\n$2/g;s/(\w)>/$1\n>/g' file

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continuous the topic, add one more sed command to reformat the output.

perl -pe 's/(\d)(\D)/$1\n$2/g;s/(\w)>/$1\n>/g' infile |sed '/^[!A-Z]/ s/.\{8\}/&\n/g'



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