Beginner needs help with first script

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Beginner needs help with first script

Hi, so I have been doing ok making a relatively simple script just processing some data. However I am now at the point where im struggling to find the specific help I need.

I have files in the form of (they are earthquake events). eg.
2006. ....

So each event is split into 3 files, and i have ~ 30 events.
I need to read these all into a program 3 at a time, ie the e, n & z. And this is where i am having the problem.
I can do
read day1time1. and this reads all the n,e,z components at the same time, so do i need to create a loop? to then run the section of the script again but to read in day2time2. ?

The Bash version Im using is 3.2.25(1).

Any help/tips will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

*EDIT for exact filenames*

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You can try:
for i in {1..30}; do
  your_program "day${i}time${i}"*

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Thanks bartus11

However i think i may have over simplified my file names! and it may be a little more complicated. The files are name in the format (they are earthquake events). For eg.


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Is the order in which those files are processed by your program important? i.e. does it matter if 2006.* files are processed before 2006.*?
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No. The program just rotates the .e and .n components into radial and tangential components. The date is only for grouping them into an event
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for i in *.e; do 
  your_program "${i%.e}"*

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Thanks again, however im not sure why that doesnt work, it still asks me to specify the files.
Here, I have an example script for the program im trying to use but it uses csh and im trying to use bash.

# The files should be named:
#    basename[n,e,z]
#     and the event and station coordinates should
#     be in the header of the files.
if ($#argv == 0) then
 echo "Usage: equalize basename waterlevel gauss_width tshift"
 exit 1
# Set up the input
set filename = $1
set outfile = $1
set waterlevel = $2
set gaussian = $3
set time_shift = $4
# Run the Program
pwaveqn << echo
# All Done

Really sorry this is turning out to be more of a problem then i originally expected!

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