Beginner needs help with first script

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Can you post example of executing this script?
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Ive only been teaching myself since a few weeks ago and im not sure about arguments, i dont really know much. But from what i got from the example i do something like this?

set 2006.* = $1
set 2006. = $2
set 0.001 = $3
set 2 = $4
set 30 = $5
# Run the Program
pwaveqn <<echo

However this done not work. I know im doing something wrong.

Here is the script executed...
Specify quake file: Real data (y or n)?  nerr = ** in sacio read
 nerr = ** in sacio read
 nerr = ** in sacio read
 p r o b l e m   i n   r o t a t e 
 + horz direction: 1= ******** 2= ********
 for proper rotation 2= ******** difference =  90.0000
Window data (y or n)?  npts=   15 nft=   16 fny= 0.0000 delf=  0.0000 dt=******
Specify outfil: Trough filler, c =  invalid number: incomprehensible list input
apparent state: unit 5 (unnamed)
last format: list io
lately reading sequential formatted external IO
./new: line 32:  5559 Aborted                 pwaveqn  <<echo


It is not reading the file/parameters.
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What is your shell? Don't often see variables set like that.
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in the example it is csh, but i would like it to be in bash if possible, as my script before is bash, eventually i want to combine them.
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The problem is not the script

The problem is not the script, is the pwaveqn program. I have the same problem here running only pwaveqn. I've tried changing the SAC file header values but didn't work. I'm trying to figure out what is happening, if you have some news tell me.
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I have found a working way to do this, i got help from another student at my uni. He too said it was a pain to figure out.

for file in 2006.*.N6027.e; do
pwaveqn << echo

That reads in all my data 3 at a time (without extensions) and exports them as the same filename but with pwaveqn extensions.

Hopefully u can use this as a guide to help, although im fairly new to all this.
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