Swapping column in vi editor

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Swapping column in vi editor

is there any command in vi editor to turn this

986.000   4.026.000   775.328.625   9.319.003.000       
986.000   4.036.000   775.328.625   9.318.803.000       
986.000   4.046.000   775.328.625   9.318.603.000       
986.000   4.056.000   775.328.625   9.318.403.000

become this

4.026.000   986.000   775.328.625   9.319.003.000       
4.036.000   986.000   775.328.625   9.318.803.000       
4.046.000   986.000   775.328.625   9.318.603.000       
4.056.000   986.000   775.328.625   9.318.403.000

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Something like this:

:%s/\([^ ]*\) *\([^ ]*\)/\2 \1 /

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:1,4s/\([^ \t]*\)\([ \t]*\)\([^ \t]*\)/\3\2\1/

Change the range 1,4 as per your requirements.
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and in case you find the pure vi solution too complex, you might use awk this way:
:%!awk '{t=$1;$1=$2;$2=t;print}'

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I think you missed a 1 or print there.
In any case, the spacing between the columns might get mangled.
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Thanks, I indeed missed a statement, post #4 fixed (I prefer 'print' to the cryptic '1'). Column separators will be normalized to a single space after running this command while your solution preserve the existing separators.

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