Wget -i URLs.txt problem

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Hammer & Screwdriver Wget -i URLs.txt problem

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with wget using an input file of URLs. When I execute this -> wget -i URLs.txt I get the login.php pages transferred but not the files I have in the URLs.txt file. I need to use the input file because it will have new products to download each week. I want my VA to fill that file with the URLs that we need to transfer to my server. There must be some login necessary as I must login through http with a user name and password. Is that what I need on the command line or is there a cookie type problem,. See, I can login and download the files just fine but want them on my server for faster transfer to me and wget is not working yet.

Any help is appreciated.


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How to login depends on the website. You probably can't plug the list of files in directly, given there's likely some POST things needed before, but the file can probably at least be used to generate arguments for wget in a script.
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RE: wget -i URLs.txt

Hi Corona688,

Thanks for your post. The membership site I belong to is resell-rights-weekly.com and I just login and click the links to download to my home computer. I want to bypass my home computer and copy the files for that week's downloads. server to server is much faster than me trying to DSL them down and back up to my server. The input file is necessary because new downloads are put on the site each week. I will then put the urls in URLs.txt before the wget, set up as a cron to run every Monday and bring the files over in a fraction of the time to copy. I had it working partially but could not remember the switches I set.

Here is my next try: -->> wget -i URLs.txt --post-data 'user=klondrie&password=XXXX' -o wgetlogfile.txt -c

What do you think? What would you change? This should be a piece of cake. I do not see a lot of security as I can login and click the links to download to my computer. Need them on my server though.

Any more help available?
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You can't just dump raw post data into a page that's not expecting it, it won't work. You need to look at the page and see what it's actually doing.

In this case, the login page is ( I think ) http://resell-rights-weekly.com/members/members.php, which expects post-data like you've been given.

To save the cookies, you need to tell wget to save the cookies(including session cookies), see man wget. So you could call wget once to login and save the cookies, and then call it again, loading the cookies to download the rest.

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