[Solved] Removing control-m characters from shell script

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I misread your requirement hence modified my code above. Also please give your file name as input, not the variable name.

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Hi bipinajith,

I tried ur code below:
sed 's/^'$v_header''"$(printf '\015')"'*//g' input_file > output_file

but the output file is not having header.

My req is:

1) Assign the header value from file to a variable in script.
2) This header value now had control-M character present from script.
3) I need to remove this control-M character assigned to that header variable in script. I do not want to remove it from entire file.
I am unable to do this. Could you please help.

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OK, I got you. Assuming your header is first line, then you don't have to assign it to a variable. You can write sed code that work only on first line to remove ^M char:-
sed '1 s/'"$(printf '\015')"'//g' input_file > output_file

I hope this helps.
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Hi bipinajith,

Yes it works. But it creates a new file.
Can t remove the control-m character from the header variable directly.
As this will require less of my code change.
Please help...?
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if your sed supports -i (inline replacement) option then use it
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Thanks it worked.

Thanks a lot to all. it worked out. Smilie

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