[solved] Where & what bash env file, Mac OS?

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[solved] Where & what bash env file, Mac OS?

I wanted to simplify my bash prompt, so I edited my etc/bashrc file. I thought this was the file that would override any other env files. When I opened it, I saw that the way it was setup was not what my prompt looked like, although I forget exactly what was there. But i edited it the way I wanted it
PS1="$ "

and saved it. I quit and restarted the Terminal, but my prompt hadn't changed. I looked at the environment and saw that the prompt was set entirely differently than what was originally in the /etc/bashrc file, or what I changed it to:
-bash $ env |grep PS
PS1=\s $

So I assumed it must be getting it's environmental variables from some other file. But I don't have any kind of bash files in my home dir, such as .bash_profile, (except .bash_history).
At this point I should mention that I'm using Mac OS 10.6, and the directory setup is a little different in some cases than standard unix.

My question is, where is bash ultimately getting its env variables from, and where might I find this file?

Also, is there a way to write directly to the bash environment from the terminal, such as when you add a directory to your PATH? If so, how should that look?

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Nevermind, it's the ~/.profile file.

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First, type env at the prompt to find out what your environment variables are. Put the command string for how you want your prompt to appear in your .bash_profile file, be sure to export the variable and either log out and log in again, or run source .bash_profile.


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