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Question Linux user prompt

I cant seem to get this right.
Lets say I have root privileges and I wanted:
a ) edit the user prompt to show "linux1234$" whenever they log-in.
b ) Show a message for users upon logging in.

I know a) has something to do with editing PS1. but how to only apply the change for users?

b ) I know there are or is a file that will enable me to accomplish this, but which or what are they?

I'm pretty new to this, so any help or guidance will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
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Assuming user groups start at 101 and go higher
Make the change to PS1 in /etc/profile:
gid=$(id -g)
if [ $gid -gt 100 ] ; then
  # make the edit to PS1 here
  export PS1="whatever you want goes here"

Change the 101 to a number that fits your requirements

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