tar archive with .Z files

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tar archive with .Z files

I have a tar archive full of compressed .Z (compressed with the compress command) files. I have restored the tar to a disk but am looking for a way to uncompress every file in every sub-directory. Under normal circumstances, I would just change directories and "uncompress *" but with 1600 total directories, I was hoping that there would either be a switch for uncompress that would do all recursive sub-directories or that a tar switch exists that will uncompress upon restore (ie: tar -xvf? ).
I am running this on Kornshell/cshell emulator for XP. (Don't hate me for using M$)
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Have you tried using the shell to accomplish what you need.

for example:

foreach i (*/*.Z)
uncompress $i

This will descend 1 level into a directory and uncompress the file.
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find <dirname> -name \*.Z -exec uncompress {} \;

Where <dirname> is the top level of where all your compressed files are.

If you dont have access to find then its possible to do it quickly using the same basic command for each level of dir present.

uncompress *.Z
uncompress */*.Z
uncompress */*/*.Z
etc ...

Otherwise you need a lslightly awkward shell script to recurse into and uncompress all the files.
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Thanks for the suggestions, still pretty new to this OS, but learning nor every day.

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