Move Directory & Contents Between Two Machines

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Move Directory & Contents Between Two Machines

Hi All,

I have a large amount of files that I need to copy from one server to another server using SFTP. Can comeone please help me with the command I would use here?

Here is what I am thinking, but being new at this I know this is probably wrong:

Login to the destination host using putty (Lets say this is server

Navigate to destination directory
Type: sftp root@ :/directory_to_copy
Type:  mget *.pdf (This will copy all the pdf files from the directory to the new host)
Type: mget *.class (This will then copy all the class files from the directory and move them to the new host)

Is this correct?

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Originally Posted by SalientAnimal
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Mod Comment edit by bakunin: i don't know how you got in all these FONT-tags, but: please don't use them. It enhances readability not one bit but sometimes makes posts quite hard to read. Thank you.
Apologies for this, I copied and pasted my question from an outlook mail. I didn't add any additional tags except for the CODE tag.

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sftp does not perform a recursive get ( it does not read down through a directory tree)
Consider making a tar archive on system A, sftp the tar file to system B and then unarchive the tar file. There are other more elegant means using ssh, but this appears to be a one-off deal.
cd mydirectory
tar cvf /tmp/myfiles.tar .
# now you have a tar file, move it to another host:
sftp remotehost
usrname password
put /tmp/myfiles.tar /tmp/myfiles.tar

on the remote host
mkdir mydirectory
cd mydirectory
tar xf /tmp/myfiles.tar


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