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Wrench 2 columns of data

Hello folks,

I have been learning Linux for a couple of weeks, and i am facing a simple problem that i couldn't resolve.
I have a file with 2 columns of data, the first coloumn always has text, and the second coloumn sometimes has text and, sometimes blank.
I want to make a new file with the first column hits that match a blank coloumn.

I've bene trying to use cut and grep but couldn't find a formula to indicate empty lines with them.
I hope that was clear Smilie

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Show the input you have and the output you want.

Don't just describe it, show it.
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the data is huge, i can't show it unfortunately, but here's an example that shows the issue, i have a tab-separated file of 2 coloumns (assume --- is tab, because the website ignores spaces)

APPLE --- milk/water
Potato --- Water/OIL
Garlic ---
onion --- Butter

and so on....

I want to select BANANA, TOMATO, and Garlic, and copy them into a new file.


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Try this:-
awk ' { if($2 ~ /^ *$/ ) print $1; } ' input_file > new_file

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YeeeHaaa!!! Smilie) thaanks mate, it worked perfectly Smilie :hat:
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Originally Posted by Error404
the data is huge, i can't show it unfortunately, but here's an example that shows the issue, i have a tab-separated file of 2 coloumns (assume --- is tab, because the website ignores spaces)
I could have fixed your output if you'd simply pasted it, because formatting will be followed inside code tags ( Image button ). Now that you've edited it to that, I no longer know what you wanted it to look like.

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