Sending e-mail from unix

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Sending mail from UNIX in courier font

Need assistance . I have a cvs file which i changed to html file but when i try to send mail to outlook its indent goes wrong. any idea is appreciated . below are some commands i tried using Converting csv to html #!/bin/sh nawk 'BEGIN{ FS="," print "MIME-Version: 1.0" print ... (7 Replies)
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Sending a mail from unix script doubt

HI i usually send an a file attachment in a mail from unix like following. mailx -s 'Job Success' < attachment.log But I have observed in several threads that we can also use uuencode and uudecode. What are they? when should we use uudecode and uuencode ... (1 Reply)
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Sending mail in unix

Dear Friends, I have a shell script where the mail is being sent like this: /usr/lib/sendmail -v ${CPA_ADMIN} CPA_ADMIN="" Can we specify more than one email ids in this variable? Is ther eany limit to the number of email ids I can specify in this variable, to whom the mail... (3 Replies)
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sending mail from unix

Hi, I am using mailx command to send mail through Unix. But I am able to send mail only within my domain. If i want to send mail to some other server, it's not working. Like say If I want to send mail to someone on gmail or yahoo it's not working. but it's working fine within my company domain.... (3 Replies)
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Unix:mail sending issue..pls help me soon

Hi people Can u help me aorund on this cat $DISTRIBUTION_LIST | tail -1 | read mailtolist test -s $INOVOICES.dat if then echo " Sales Report generted" | read subject mailx -ms "${subject}." $mailtolist RET_CODE=$? if ; then echo "Messaging Failed." >> $LOG_FILE exit 1 fi else... (2 Replies)
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Sending mail in C/C++ in unix server

Hi Frnds, I have a task in my project wherein i have to send out a mail from my C++ code.With some file attachements.Please help me in this. At a higher level wat i can tell is my code generated 3 csv file and i have to send these files as attachement. My code is executed in unix... (6 Replies)
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sending mail from unix is failing

i am sending mails from my unix server to my mail id i used sendmail option previously it ran successfully now it is not sending mails what might be the problem this is the message i am getting in /var/mail/abcdev file how to rectify this? ----- The following addresses had permanent... (1 Reply)
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Sending mail thu unix

Hello everybody. Is it possible in unix to send a mail to my acount like ( if yes then how ?? Thank You !! (6 Replies)
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Sending mail from Unix - For html output

I have automated some checks - and I want to send a email when there is an issue. This is fine and I can send the email. However - I want to generate the email in html format so I can highlight any issues to a reader.. ie. If there is a disk space issue - then the email will highlight the... (2 Replies)
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Sending Mail Thru Unix Script

What are all the things that should be configured in order to send a mail from Unix box. An eg. program of sending a mail will help me a lot!!!!!! Thanks in advance -Om (5 Replies)
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SPAMALYZE(1p)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     SPAMALYZE(1p)

spamalyze - Apply multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists to all messages in an mbox SYNOPSIS
spamalyze myspam.mbox spamalyze goodstuff.mbox tail -3000 some.mbox | spamalzse DESCRIPTION
Spamalyze reads in an mbox file containing multiple mail messages and looks up the originating server of each message on multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists. Spamalyze uses Net::RBLClient. Spamalyze lets you find out what the impact would be of filtering via various RBL's. The output report contains two sections. The first section has one line per email message, showing: * Sending IP address * Sending hostname if any * Whether the IP is on a small list of possibly spammish netblocks * A list of letters representing RBL's which returned responses for this IP address The second section contains one line for each of the top RBL's. That is, the RBL's which produced the most hits. The RBL's are listed in decreasing order of hits. Each line contains: * The letter assigned to the RBL - "A" is the one with the most hits * The domain name of the RBL * The number of hits from the RBL OPTIONS
No options. SEE ALSO
Net::RBLClient(3) AUTHOR
Asher Blum <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2004 Asher Blum. All rights reserved. This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.8.8 2008-03-04 SPAMALYZE(1p)

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