sum values based on ID

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sum values based on ID


I would like to be able to sum up the counts of a column by the ID of another column. Example (although the actual file I have has thousands of IDs):

Input file:

A1BG-AS1:001 3
A1BG-AS1:002 0
A1BG-AS1:003 2
A1CF:001 1038
A1CF:002 105
A1CF:003 115
A1CF:004 137

Desired output file:
A1BG-AS1 5
A1CF 1395

Thanks in advance!
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Have a go with this:

awk '
        split( $1, a, ":" );
        sum[a[1]] += $NF;
    END {
        for( s in sum )
            print s, sum[s];
'   input-file

Sums values in the last column, using the first column's name after truncating characters to the right of the colon.
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Thanks a lot. It works!
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close to ogama's solution but you could have used the field separator option of awk as follows:

awk -F'[: ]' '{ t[$1]+=$3 } END { for (i in t) print i, t[i] }' yourfile


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