Redirecting tmp files of SORT into different directory

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Error Redirecting tmp files of SORT into different directory

Hey Guys,
I am facing an annoying scenario, fewer times when I execute the sort command, it throws out on error saying that "No Space on available on /var/tmp/<temp file name>. May be it is set to /var/tmp directory. I was wondering, if I cant redirect the temporary file creation to any other directory. I came across this "-T" option, but was not sure about it.

Could someone help me this, its urgent.
An example could be of great help.

Abhishek S.
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Usually sort responds to the TMPDIR environment variable.

export TMPDIR=/tmp
# or maybe your home directory
export TMPDIR=/home/abishek
#  sort will now use it
sort bigfile > newfile

Once set TMPDIR carries on for the login session
sort -T=/home/abhishek  bigfile >newbigfilw

This uses the new temporary directory -T indicates, but it just works for that one sort.

Your real problem is very probably that users have littered the /var/tmp directory with junk that was never removed.
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Can you please post your code?
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Hello Jim,
Thanks a lot, I was unaware of the fact that, sort would depend on the TMPDIR variable. Anyway I ll try that immediately and let you know. I think it should work now.

Well, the file I am working with has around 33 mil lines.. so thats where the problem is.. I think it should work fine with the command you have given.

Thanks a lot for your time, I appreciate it.

Abhishek S.

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