Filename collision during backup

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Filename collision during backup


I am trying to backup all *.tar files from a legacy Linux to a portable harddrive.

find . -name "*.tar" -exec cp {} /media/mypassport/backup \;

I found that there are files with the same filenames and they were overwritten
in the destination folder. They are coming from different directories.

To avoid filename collision, could you advise me how to backup and preserve the directory structure?

C. H.
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This is probably the easiest:

find . -name "*.tar" | while read f
    td=/media/mypassport/backup/${f%/*}     # target directory  
    echo mkdir -p $td                       # remove echo to create and copy files
    echo cp $f  $td/

Assuming kshell or bash. Remove the 'echo' from each of the mkdir/cp command lines after you verify that the commands look good.
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Solution by creating file with a different name:-
for file in `find . -name "*.tar"`
        FNAME=`echo ${file} | awk -F"/" ' { print $NF } '`
        if [ -f /media/mypassport/backup/{FNAME} ]
                COUNTER=`expr ${COUNTER} + 1`
                FNAME=`echo ${FNAME} | sed 's/\.tar//g'`
                cp ${file} /media/mypassport/backup/${FNAME}_${COUNTER}.tar
                cp ${file} /media/mypassport/backup/${FNAME}

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find . -name '*.tar' | pax -rw /media/mypassport/backup

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Thank you for your advice. Forgive my ignorance:

Hi Alister,

1. What are the differences between par and cp? Was any compression applied?
2. Will the directory structure be preserved?
3. How about: find . -name '*.tar' | pax -w /media/mypassport/backup
4. Does it only work for *.tar files? How about *.jar or *.txt files?

C. H.

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