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Test Connection to hosts

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Old Unix and Linux 10-06-2012
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Test Connection to hosts

i have about 3500 hosts/devices which i monitor.

i monitor them from one host. we'll call this one host HOSTA. HOSTA has connectivity to all 3500 hosts/devices.

now, i have to create a backup for HOSTA. and the back up is in another state.

how do i get a list of all open ports on HOSTA so I can have them replicated on HOSTB?

please keep in mind, i wont be the one making the actual change. i just need to have the information ready to give to the necessary personnel that will be setting it up.

so the options i have in mind are:

nmap OR
netcat (nc)

how can i use either of these two commands to get all open ports that HOSTA can connect to on all 3500 hosts/devices?

for example:

lets say one of the 3500 hosts/devices i monitor is called merchant-01.skysmart.net

i'm hoping there will be a command similar to this:

nmap HOSTA merchant-01.skysmart.net

what i'll be expecting the aforementioned command to do is get me a list of ALL OPEN ports that HOSTA can connect to on merchant-01.skysmart.net. when i say all, i mean all. udp, tcp, whichever.

any ideas?

os: Linux Red Hat/SunOS
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Old Unix and Linux 10-07-2012
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I don't understand what exactly you are after. Knowing a list of open ports will help you not at all in getting what you said you want and you can't "copy" this in any way.

If you want to guarantee simple IP connectivity the new host just has to be in the same subnet than the old one. That is: HOSTB has to share the IP subnet with HOSTA. Then it is copying the routing information of HOSTA (issue "netstat -rn" to get this information) and you should be done.

Further complications would arise if there are firewalls within your network: You will have to adapt their rules, but this can only be done on the firewall systems themselves, neither on HOSTA nor HOSTB.

If you need a certain protocol to work you will have to make sure all the prerequisites are met. For instance, if you want "ssh" to work (probably without further authentification) you will have to make sure the "sshd" configuration is in place ("/etc/sshd_config") and the keys are exchanged (as per default "~/.ssh/authorized_keys", "~/.ssh/known_hosts"). Still, you won't need any list of open ports for this.

Of course you could use "nmap" consecutively on all your hosts to find out open ports, but it would be probably easier to use "netstat" locally on each of them , as you claim to have HOSTA having connectivity to all of them (whatever this means - pingable? exchanged ssh-keys? something else?). Still, what will that information help you? Definitely not in building HOSTB, because there is nothing you could configure in HOSTB based on this information.

I hope this helps.


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