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[SOLVED] re-parse duplicate horizontally

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Old 10-04-2012
[SOLVED] re-parse duplicate horizontally

I have a 2 column file.
Column 1 is a road ID number.
Column 2 is the date that the road surface condition was inspected.
Some roads have been inspected only once, while some roads have been inspected multiple times.

I would like to re-arrange the following example list:

1001 2001_01_01
1002 2001_01_01
1002 2002_02_02
1003 2001_01_01
1003 2002_02_02
1004 2001_01_01
1005 2001_01_01
1006 2001_01_01
1006 2002_02_02
1006 2003_03_03
1007 2001_01_01

to look like:

1001 2001_01_01
1002 2001_01_01 2002_02_02
1003 2001_01_01 2002_02_02
1004 2001_01_01
1005 2001_01_01
1006 2001_01_01 2002_02_02 2003_03_03
1007 2001_01_01

The input file may not be in a nice neat order as shown in the example.


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Old 10-04-2012
awk '{x[$1] = x[$1] ? x[$1]""$2 : $2} END {for(i in x) print i, x[i]}' file

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Old 10-04-2012
Thanks Shamrock,

I am not getting spaces between all of the dates.
I get:

1001 2001_01_01
1002 2001_01_012002_02_02
1003 2001_01_012002_02_02
1004 2001_01_01
1005 2001_01_01
1006 2001_01_012002_02_022003_03_03
1007 2001_01_01

Note that it did not work at all when I used awk.
The output above is from mawk.

And I should add that my OS is not UNIX, it is Windows Smilie


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Old 10-04-2012
How are you using awk? Are you running it in a proper shell, or are you using it in windows cmd?
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Old 10-04-2012
I got it to work with mawk.

mawk "{x[$1] = x[$1] ? x[$1]""\" \"$2 : $2} END {for(i in x) print i, x[i]}" example_01.txt

I introduced \" \" before the first $2

Thanks again for the starter code.


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I am in a Windows command window.
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Old 10-04-2012
Windows CMD does not parse shell syntax, it passes the commandline onto the program raw, quotes and all, for it to process as it sees fit. As such, programs can process quotes on the commandline in quite different ways from each other. It can be hard to guess how many backslashes you need, or whether backslashes even matter, and sometimes impossible to prevent strings from splitting when they shouldn't.

I'd reccomend busybox for windows if you want to casually write small UNIX scripts in windows. It amounts to a standalone Bourne shell with built-in awk, sed, cp, mv, and all sorts of other commands.

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