Substring Function

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Substring Function

I have a file in which there are other file path and names


how can I get the file names i.e. abc.txt sdf.txt sdg.txt

I searched the forum for sed command but it was confusing to me
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perl -pe 's#.*/##' file

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 while read -r a; do basename "$a"; done <file

Or, if you like sed:
sed 's|.*/||' <file

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while read line
file=`basename $line`
echo $file
done < yourfilename

assuming you need all file names irrespective of extension type.
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You don't need backticks to do that Smilie


while read LINE
        set -- "$LINE"
        shift $(( $#-1 ))
        echo "Got $1"


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while read line
 echo "Got ${line##*/}"
done < file

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Here is one more way...probably quickest :-)
 awk -F"/" '{print $NF}' file.txt


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