Help with a loop, please

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Help with a loop, please


I've got several directories with files in it. The name of each directory is the same as the beginning of the files I would like to work on. For example, I've got directories A, B, C and D with files in direcotry A named A-ceu-unique, A-yri-unique, A-common; files in directory B named B-ceu-unique, B-yri-unique, B-common and so on. I've got a command I need to execute on each of these files. I was thinking to write a file with the names of A, B, C, D etc and make a loop through the lines of that file. I am not sure it is possible, but this is what I was thinking to do:

HTML Code:

HTML Code:
for i in lines of the namefile
command ./$i/$i-ceu-unique > ./$i/$i-ceu-unique-output
command ./$i/$i-yri-unique > ./$i/$i-yri-unique-output
command ./$i/$i-common > ./$i/$i-common-ouput
Does anyone think it is possible to do this?

Many thanks for your time!
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while read i
command ./$i/$i-ceu-unique > ./$i/$i-ceu-unique-output
command ./$i/$i-yri-unique > ./$i/$i-yri-unique-output
command ./$i/$i-common > ./$i/$i-common-ouput
done < namefile

will do exactly what you want.
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