To delete the oldest files in a file when file count in the folder exceeds 7

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To delete the oldest files in a file when file count in the folder exceeds 7

Hi All,

I need to delete the oldest file in folder when the file count in the folder exceed 6 ( i have a process that puts the source files into this folder )

E.x : Folder : /data/opt/backup
01/01/2012 a.txt
01/02/2012 b.txt
01/03/2012 c.txt
01/04/2012 d.txt
01/05/2012 e.txt
01/06/2012 f.txt

So when a new file g.txt comes on 01/07/2012. Then the oldest file a.txt dated 01/01/2012 should be deleted from the /data/opt/backup folder. Any help from the shell script perspective would be helpful
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try this...

[[ $(ls -ltr *.txt | wc -l) -gt 6 ]] && echo $(ls -ltr *.txt | awk 'NR==1{print $NF}')

if this gives you what you want just substitute echo with rm..

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