Tell UW-Imap to read /var/mail/mailbox ??

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Old 07-13-2005
Tell UW-Imap to read /var/mail/mailbox ??


I've got UW-IMAP installed on Gentoo. I'm using EXIM as the transfer agent.

EXIM is working fine (I think)... all incoming mail - external and internal goes to /var/mail/username file. I can verifiy this by reading this file directly with nano.

Also, IMAPd is running. It lets me login if I put valid credentials in BUT, it just shows an empty INBOX, Trash and Junk folder in any client I use it with.

Someone told me there isn't any configuration for UW and I certianly, apart from installing it, havnt edited any config files for it.

Is there a way to tell it where the mailbox is stored since it's obviously not reading it.



imap is invoked from xinetd - as is exim by the way Smilie
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Old 07-13-2005
OK I got it working:

It works with /home/username/mbox as the file to use in exim's configuration.
Considering I have 3 domains mapped my server, each with 5 or 6 mail account I dont want to create 15 directories in /home/ purely for the mbox files.

From what I've read I will need to change the C source code before I compile it - Considering how Universal UW-Imap is... this surprises me.

CPanel uses UW_IMAP and they can have many many accounts for many many domains... I wonder what their /usr/exim/configure file looks like and how UW-IMAP is set up to read folders such as



etc etc...


I log into each accoutn with a different username of course... i just want more flexibility about where the files can be stored.

By the way... is Unix for Dummies a suitable forums for this or is it considered technical?
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Old 07-13-2005
Maybe I should be asking a different question...

What tools do I need to have multiple mailboxes for multiple domains on the same hardware? Like a shared server, expect all the accounts are mine.

I cant find any way to get UW-IMAP to accept a login from users other than those who have shell access.

Example: I actually have an account on a shared now and I have an email address

UW-IMAP would try to interpret the "mail" portion as the "mail" user on my system but somehow my host authenticates me as "".... how have they done that? It can't be an alias in /etc/aliases for the fact that if somebody on the same server had it wouldn't work.

I don't mind if I have to add UNIX system users to acheive this... but I'd have to put the home dirs somewhere tidier than /home... like /srv/mail/user and somehow avoid isses with usernames matching usernames from other domains on same server.

Thanks in advance Smilie
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