Send job to Background after input redirection

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Send job to Background after input redirection

I am having issues with syntax when I am trying to send a job to the background after a input redirection.
I have this script which sends some files to different servers after zipping them. Once I execute it, it will ask for user input as of which server the files need to go to. (The filenames and location are coded for in the script)
The script comes out of the execution if no input is passed within 5 secs.

send_files.ksh <enter> 
Choose destination ->
                     ALL #to send to All servers

I execute this script using the following:
send_files.ksh > $LOG/Sep21.log 2>&1 <<EOF

By doing that, the script waits at prompt until it finishes execution.
For it to not wait until execution completes I was trying to submit this job in the background but i am not able to figure out a syntax for the same.

I have tried the following and it runs without taking in the 'ALL' input.
send_files.ksh > $LOG/Sep21.log 2>&1  & <<EOF

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Will it run to completion while still waiting for input?

try the at command:
at -k now <<!
( /full/path/to/send_files.ksh > $LOG/Sep21.log 2>&1  & <<EOF

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& terminates the command, just like a semicolon or newline. All redirections must precede it.

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Will it run to completion while still waiting for input?
@Jim. No, it wont run since it exits if no input is provided within 5 secs.
And thanks for the "at" command. But, is the placement of "&" correct in your command/script?

@Alister. Thanks. I didn't know that & terminates a command.

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