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[SOLVED] splitting a single column(with spaces) into multiple rows

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Old 09-20-2012
Computer [SOLVED] splitting a single column(with spaces) into multiple rows

Hi All,
My requisite is to split a single column of phonemes seperated by spaces into multiple rows.
my input file is:


my o/p should be like:

adhu                      a dh u 
thaqnchAvUrk      th a qn ch A v U r k

please make sure that the code should work in TCSH.

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Old 09-20-2012
Like this?
awk '{t=$0;gsub(/\n/,"",$0);gsub(/\n/," ",t);print $0,t}' RS= file

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Old 09-20-2012
Small variation:
awk '{$1=$1; p=$0; gsub(FS,x); print $0,p}' RS= file

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Old 09-21-2012
Thanks a lot....
The two codes worked out wellSmilie

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i have one more doubt regarding this.
the same input file filled with silence instead of white space,i used the simple print command to get the o/p mentioned above.but am not getting.the code is

if ("$a" == "sil") then  #a is the input file
echo "\n"
printf "%s" "$a"
printf "%s " "$a"

i know that printf "%s" "$a" gives :adhu
and printf "%s " "$a" gives :a dh u
but i dono how to make it as :adhu a dh u
this may be silly...anyway i need help.

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