Books for person who want to be Linux/Unix administrator

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Old 09-20-2012
Books for person who want to be Linux/Unix administrator

I would like to become Linux/Unix administrator. Of course I am aware that it is practically impossible to get that job immediately and in the beginning it will be Junior position or 2nd level of technical support.
But I would like to ask: how in-depth knowledge about daemons such like Apache, Sendmail, BIND, Samba should I have? Do you think that a description which is included in book "Unix Administration Handbook" is enough to apply for entry-level position?
I enjoy with tools such like vi, bash, awk etc. and I can learn it easily.
But I am not sure about how I should interpret sentences "good knowledge of Apache, Sendmail, ..." in job offers because I think that every has very specific requirements about how a given configuration should look so in my opinion it is more matter of ability to use manuals and documentation than a matter of knowledge of tools itself.

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Old 09-20-2012
While ability to read manuals is essential, experience of what setting is responsible for what particular form of flaky behaviour you are witnessing is also vital. (Sendmail is a "special" case as it requires "experience" to configure).

For a junior position a good knowledge of $DAEMON is probably little more than its existence, default ports, configuration files and their format and the resources you'd expect it to use under a known load (eg. is 2G memory use reasonable for the service while netstat shows 200 open connections to it on $PORT or should we be looking at that?)
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Old 09-20-2012
Thank you for response.

Could you give books which you think that every person who apply for junior administrator position should have read?
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