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[SOLVED] How to set a default of 200000 as scrollback size in Putty ?

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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers [SOLVED] How to set a default of 200000 as scrollback size in Putty ?
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[SOLVED] How to set a default of 200000 as scrollback size in Putty ?

Putty release : 0.61

For saved sessions , you can configure Scrollback size just once using "Lines of Scrollback" in the 'Window' menu

For a non-saved session (an ad-hoc session ) , If you want a higer scrollback size for a putty session , you have to set the "Lines of Scrollback" manually before you connect. If you fail to set the scrollback size , then you'll end up with Putty's default which is just 200 lines. How can I change this default (200) to 200,000 permanently so that any ad-hoc session I start will have 200000 as the scrollback ? Googling didn't help much.
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Instead of saving as a new session, click on the 'default settings' session. Select the settings you want, then 'save session'.
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Hi Corona,
I didn't put my question right.

I want to set 200,000 as the Scrollback size for any session (Saved or Ad-hoc)

For eg:
Lets say you are connecting to a server for the first time . You don't want to save this session because you think that you may never connect to this server in the future. So, you start the session without manually setting the SCROLLBACK size . In this situation you'll end up with 200 as the scrollback size and you can't increase the scrollback size of a putty session dynamically Smilie
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Yes, 'default settings' is the settings you get when making an ad-hoc session, so change the settings for those.
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Ok. Got it. Thank you Corona.

Earlier, I was looking for 'default settings' everywhere except the Session panel.

Found it in Session panel.
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