Delete Unix/Linux file at a specific time in future.

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Question Delete Unix/Linux file at a specific time in future.

I was wondering if there is a command to delete a file in the future.

For example: If I create a file named unix.lst using the vi editor, but after I create it, what command will be suitable to delete "unix" files from the system at 13:40 military time with no log file.

I was going to use : find /root -name unix -exec rm {} \;
but I believe that it wont really work the way I want it to.
I would really appreciate your take on this.
Thanks in advance
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have a look at the crontab command, this will do the trick.
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If it's about a single action, not a regularly repeated one, the at system comes to mind:
AT(1)                                                                                                                                 NAME
       at, batch, atq, atrm - queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution

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thanks guys on sharing your thoughts on the matter.

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