List of files with spaces

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List of files with spaces


Anyone can help me on how to list the file with spaces? Like I want to "ls" only the 2008 files.

2008 _overview102.jpg
2008 _overview103.jpg
2008 _overview106.jpg
2008 _overview677.jpg
2008 _overview680.jpg
2008 _overview110.jpg
2008 _overview682.jpg
2009 _overview4373.jpg
2009 _overview3181.jpg
2009 _overview4775.jpg
2009 _overview4771.jpg
2009 _overview4660.jpg
2010 _overview13524.jpg
2010 _overview13289.jpg
2010 _overview13532.jpg
2010 _overview13525.jpg
2010 _overview13545.jpg
2010 _overview13506.jpg
2010 _overview13493.jpg

Thanks in advance.

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All files with embedded space(s):
ls -1d *\ *

(the first option is an one not an ell)

All files starting with 2008 and a space:
ls -1d "2008 "*


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