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Old 07-07-2005
How to find File copied completely or else ...

In Unix, I am having one file getting copied to some directory. Which command will help me ensure, that file is not completely copied to the disk?
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Old 07-07-2005
In Unix, I am having one file getting copied to some directory. 
Which command will help me ensure, that file is not completely copied to the disk?

I assume you want to check this, while the copying is being done. Say for eg.. a few 100 Mb's across directories.

There should some easier way. But check this out as well

cmp /path/to/source.file /path/to/destination.file && echo "Files are same" || echo "Files differ"


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Old 07-07-2005
You can check the exit status of your copy command.


If this gives 0 that means files have been copied completely.
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