SQLPLUS Password Parameter file being used when logging in

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Question SQLPLUS Password Parameter file being used when logging in

Good day to everyone. This is my first time posting and just barely above basic Unix training. I think i have search thoroughly to ensure my question hasn't already been posted. But on the off chance the answer has been posted, please be nice as I am not 100% sure I know what I am looking for.

I am a sysadmin in training of a very large application sitting on a Unix environment. We grant very limited access to the vendor who has developed code to this unix box. However, i do have screen share session going with the vendor often which is why i am posting.

Many times I need to run a sqlplus SQL file in nohup or etc. To avoid the vendor from seeing the master DB password I created a parameter file within a directory of my home directory and changed the permissions to 600 and removed the directory from the snapshots. The thought being I could call the parameter file instead of having to input into the first command. However, all my attempts seem to fail.
echo 'cat $HOME/bin/PASS' | nohup sqlplus user@testdb @first.sql > status.out 2>&1 &
nohup sqlplus user@testdb/'cat $HOME/bin/PASS' @first.sql > status.out 2>&1 &

I hear you can do some of this through KSH script writing but only through a few YouTube videos and half way through a book and have not seen anything. Any guidance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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I am in a good mood, so I will show you a bit of code I wrote and let you figure out...
I seem to be more paranoid than you Smilie
# my batch script loads the user's profile and needed env for oracle...
#Here it calls the .sql file:

$go -silent $GO <<END
start $HOME/test_sqlfile


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