Writing a script that will take the first line from each file and store it in an output file

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Writing a script that will take the first line from each file and store it in an output file


I have 1000 files names data1.txt through data1000.txt inside a folder. I want to write a script that will take each first line from the files and write them as output into a new file. How do I go about doing that? Thanks!
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for i in *.txt 
awk 'NR == 1' $i >> output 

do you want to put this in one file only?
if yes use above solution.

if no.. use
awk 'NR == 1' $i > out$i

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Without an exit statement, those awk scripts could do a lot of pointless i/o if the files are large.

Also, performing the redirect operation once (with an exec before the for-loop or by appending the redirection to done) would save a little work too.


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