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Error Please help me!

Smilie Somebody gives to me a old and slow computer:
200 MHZ
48 RAM
2 MB video card

And I'm searching for UNIX OS with XWindow system (like icewm, wmaker),
so I need a url to *.iso file, please HELP!
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You won't be finding a ISO for UNIX, but there will be many for GNU/Linux or *BSD.
You should be able to run most current distro's of GNU/Linux on the older machine, using one of the WM you specified.

Check here for some GNU/Linux & *BSD choices, ISO's.
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Yep there's tonnes of free Linux distro's.

Some of them (SuSE is one) don't even require you download the ISO... you can install directly over FTP (yay!).

By the way. Your thread title helps nobody (including yourself).

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