Have two SunFire boxes

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Have two SunFire boxes

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and probably 'unix for dummies' or maybe unix hardware for dummies is a good place to post my question.

I'm the I S manager for a small county, just myself and one good tech. We recently had two SunFire T2000 boxes donated to us. We both have a little linux experience and I have had a little experience with hpux and sco from many years ago but we're a little short when it comes to Solaris or Sun hardware. The two systems we are getting are "new" in that they have never been taking out of the box, never used, everything still factory sealed and in the original upopened boxes and the boxes still sealed with the original tape with the Sun logo. The label on the boxes has a date of October 22, 2008. We don't have them yet as they are being shipped in but what I do know is they have a single 4-core 1Gig Sparc processors, 8 gib ram, and two 73 gig sas drives, and they both have Solaris 10 pre-installed. While we'd like to use them as they are, our concern is if there is any Solaris licensing requirements we need to be aware of before we put them to use. We were also wondering if we would be able to install Linux on them since it's more familiar to us, or maybe OpenSolaris if licensing might be an issue. Suggestions ? and thanks in advance.
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1. for licensing purposes talk to oracle
2. linux: NO! (yes there are some sparc distributions but i wouldn't try it on a sun4v system)
3. for everything else check Oracle Documentation

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