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grep help


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Old 08-16-2012
grep help

I have a file that contains a number of fasta sequences, each one starts with '>'. I would like to count the number of sequences I have in the file. When I use the code below I get:
$ grep -c '>' total_Protein.txt

even though the file contains hundreds

If I use:
$ grep -c {>} total_Protein.txt 

It doesn't appear to do anything

$ grep -c > total_Protein.txt

Gives me a grep usage error.

Any ideas?
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Old 08-16-2012
Is it possible that they are all on one (newline separated) record?

What is the result of this command:

awk 'END { print NR-1 }' RS=">"  total_Protein.txt

If not what you are expecting, post a sample of your txt file.
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Old 08-16-2012
Try this:
grep -o '>' total_Protein.txt | wc -l

The Following User Says Thank You to spacebar For This Useful Post:
jgeahlen (08-18-2012)
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Old 08-18-2012
Thanks spacebar, worked like a charm!

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