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Old 06-23-2005
I heard from some folks that worked at TI here in the DFW area that knew Mr. Kilby and they said that he was a real down to Earth person and easy to work with.

I've known some smart folks that were a real pain to work with. I never met him myself but based upon what friends have said he seemed to be real good folk.
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IGREP(1)						      General Commands Manual							  IGREP(1)

igrep - search images for matching metadata SYNOPSIS
igrep [options] pattern files... DESCRIPTION
The igrep utility is invoked as follows: igrep [options] pattern filename... Where pattern is a POSIX.2 regular expression (just like the Unix/Linux grep(1) command), and filename (and any following names) specify images or directories that should be searched. An image file will "match" if any of its metadata contains values contain substring that are recognized regular expression. The image files may be of any format recognized by OpenImageIO (i.e., for which ImageInput plugins are available). Example: $ igrep Jack *.jpg bar.jpg: Keywords = Carly; Jack foo.jpg: Keywords = Jack test7.jpg: ImageDescription = Jack on vacation For a complete description, see /usr/share/doc/libopenimageio-dev/openimageio.pdf.gz. OPTIONS
--help Print help message -i Ignore upper/lower case distinctions -v Invert match (select non-matching files) -E Pattern is an extended regular expression -f Match against file name as well as metadata -l List the matching files (no detail) -r Recurse into directories -d Print directories (when recursive) -a Search all subimages of each file SEE ALSO iconvert(1), idiff(1), iinfo(1), iprocess(1), iv(1), maketx(1), oiiotool(1). AUTHOR
OpenImageIO was written by Larry Gritz and the other authors and contributors. This manual page was written by IRIE Shinsuke <irieshinsuke@yahoo.co.jp>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). May 19, 2012 IGREP(1)

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