Change unix permission when I don't own the file

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Java Change unix permission when I don't own the file


A file is transferred from a Windows server(say username : user1) to Unix server via ftp.
In unix, the permission of the file for a user, say user2 will be "-rw-r-----". Since the user1 is the owner of the file, user2 is not able to change the file permission using chmod.

Is there anyway that user2 can change the file permission and access it?

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No. Else everybody could do that and so it would be so unsecure, that you would have no need for permissions anymore.
Only root can do this, or if this is an alternative for you, have them both in the same group and set group permissions accordingly to have both users access the file.
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If you have root privileges you can

( sudo chmod <mode> <file>

or sudo chown to your username. )

otherwise I would have to say no.
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Originally Posted by adrian777uk
If you have root privileges you can

( sudo chmod <mode> <file>

or sudo chown to your username. )

otherwise I would have to say no.
Using sudo doesn't require root privileges. That's rather the point.

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If the unix user has root privilages, should the file permission be changed to read/move the file?

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Zaxxon, Can I add a windows user and unix user into the same group?
Is that possible??
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Explain root privileges please. Does he has the password to become root, a sudo entry to do things as root or another user, or.. ?
If root priviliges are not needed, you might think about using sudo for doing things as user1 as stated above.
Overall, do what you need to do to get it to work for you. But keep the security in mind to have the least needed permissions given to the user. Just in case he get's hacked or something.

Added info (just saw your new post):
Unix doesn't know Windows users. But from what you describe, user1 (Windows) does a ftp transfer to the Unix server. For this he must have a login, which I understood is named user1. If this is the case, user1 must be a user that is placed on the Unix server in it's /etc/passwd. If this was not the case, there would be no permissions like ownership possible for files etc. for this user too.
And when the accounts user1 and user2 exist on the Unix server, you can just create a new group, add both and set group ownership as well as group permissions for the file. Setting the SGID bit onto the directory where the file is transferred to, will inherit the group membership of the directory to the file, which should be set to the group having user1 and user2 of course.

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