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redhat 6.2 : Apache + PHP4

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Old 08-30-2001
redhat 6.2 : Apache + PHP4

how are you all , I am having a hard time here

I've got my Linux Redhat 6.2 server , with pre-instalation of redhat.
anyway , I installed mysql (not rpm) and its working very well, but I faced lot of trouple with PHP4.

Apache 1.1.12 was installed through rpm package and I updated it to 1.1.14 today, and I installed ( rpm package) PHP3.0.18 .

I want to install PHP4.0.4pl1 , it's avalable in, I tried to download it and run the installation but it failed, it keeps asking for 2 files which are ( And -GLIBC 2.2- as dependencies). I upgrade the glibc to 2.1.x before that and the those files are on my system but it still asking for them , anyway I failed to upgrade to ( glibc 2.2 which resides on version 7.0 of redhat at .

I looked at the files at and I couldn't find a GLIBC 2.2 in redhat 6.2 folder , the max version was 2.1 ,, there is GLIBC 2.2 but it's in redhat 7.0 folder , I've tried to install it ! but it also failed.

How in earth could I install PHP4.0.4 (or later) at redhat through rpm ?

---Another thing I did. ( If you think whats below is better, forget what I wrote above there)
Actully I installed PHP4.0.6 (latest stable version ) on my box yesterday, but with no ( --with-apache NOR --with-apx ) because when I tried to use : --with-apache , and I specified the directory ( /etc/httpd ) which is in the access.conf file , make command failed : wrong path to apache, can't find apache.h ( as I think). --with-apx , I failed to find the directory, It's not there.
I compiled it without two options and It goes fine ( with warning about the CGI ) anyway , I added :
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps
to access.conf file and I restrated Apache , but it doesn't work !

So now I couldn't have PHP4.x.x installed at all, and the main problem is : my code uses some functions on PHP which require PHP > 4 . in the meantime situation I can't run my code .
Sencerely yours.

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Old 09-02-2001
redhat 6.2: apache+php4

redhat 6.2 packaged with php3. so i think if you just want to run apache+php4, and don't want to be meshed up with setting some rpm, and some are not, why don't you upgrade to redhat 7.0 or 7.1. it include php4 engine 'off the shelf'.

i currently am running redhat 7.0 and without problem running php4 script 'off the shelf'. if you're maintaining php3 files, you still can run it, but it's better to change extension '.php3' to 'php' only.


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