group by in files :-)

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Old 06-21-2005
group by in files :-)

My file looks like:


I need a script that will "group by" the first field and Concatenate the values.

My output should be:


Does anyone have any idea ?
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Old 06-21-2005
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Old 06-21-2005
thank for the example but it doesn't handle

where the delimiter is ^ and if the concatenated field is not last.

Any idea ?
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Old 06-21-2005
something to start with:

nawk -f hell.awk file.txt

BEGIN { FS=OFS="^" }
    arr[$1] = ($1 in arr) ? arr[$1] "," $3 : $3
  for (i in arr)
    print i OFS "~", arr[i]

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Old 06-21-2005
Thanks!!! Can I Marry You ? :-)

you are the best
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Old 06-21-2005
Originally Posted by hellsd
you are the best
take a number....
glad to be of help.
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Old 06-21-2005
Now it is more complicate:

Lets say the input file is:

Now I would like to group couple of fields(field 2 and field 5)
My output should be:


Notice that I would like to print all the line's fields.

Is it possible?
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