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Help with trace file

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Help with trace file

I am an oracle DBA pretty new to unix. We had one of the filesystems full and a colleague cleared some stuffs to create more space. I just checked now and found there is now more space available. How do i find exactly what he cleared? We have oracle database installed and its a RAC environment. I set environment to one of the instance and checked the path for our ORA_ALERT doing:

tail **full path**/bdump/alert_BC2.log

After i did this, i didnt really find anything similar to what he did. Can someone please help?
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did your colleague made space-cleaning via Oracle (i.e. by shrinking datafiles, removing old RMAN backups, etc.) or did he operated via operating system commands (i.e. deleting filesystem files, etc.)?

see ya
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I am not sure. What i think is he either removed some old logs or deleted maybe a core file or probabaly searched for any large file in that directory.
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ok so, if he made the search and removal job via command line there is a chance his commands are still recorded into the history file.
if you share the same operating system login account on the machine you could try with a
history | more

command in order to see previous commands, otherwise try to look for history files in his login user's home directory - history file location and presence may vary depending on the shells used and on the OS environment setting, but you can start by searching his homedir with a command like
ls -laR | more

and look for some file with 'history' in the name, and once you find it you can read it with 'more' command.

see ya
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Thanks Frappa. We share the same login and checking history as you said was helpful. Thanks for your help

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